Maria de Buenos Aires | FGO, Miami
Tango Opera Maria de Buenos Aires, Miami FL

"Ramon Tebar led the ensemble with exuberance and idiomatic flair."

The Miami Herald - March 2013 - Read More.

"the FGO's young conductor, Ramon Tebar, waved his orchestra on with enthusiasm, beaming with pride throughout the show."

Miami New Times - March 2013 - Read More.

"Maestro Ramón Tebar looked like he was having the time of his life conducting the band, as always, displaying command and comfort."

Art Burst Miami - March 2013 - Read More.

"Se lució también el grupo musical que dirigió el maestro Ramón Tebar"

El Nuevo Herald - March 2013 - Read More.

"...under the skillful baton of FGO's Ramon Tebar, rendered Rodriguez's score enthusiastically through their solo and ensemble work"

MiamiArtZine - March 2013 -
Palm Beach Symphony
PB Symphony beautifully evokes intimacy of Viennese chamber society

Kudos to artistic director Ramon Tebar for overcoming this problem of the echo acoustic, which often leads to muddy orchestral sounds. The small band of first chair players was superb.

Debussy's Prélude a l'après-midi d'un faune opened with the familiar flute solo. All the shimmering effects were there, and the small orchestra got into the central part with deep feeling and expert playing. The lovely harp ending was played by a harmonium and the piece was met with warm applause. No echos, no reverberations, just lovely-sounding music. Next came Roses from the South. It is a sublime-sounding, balanced work. Conductor Ramón Tebar brought out the beauty, reverie and grace of this lovely extended waltz. The strings sounded wonderful throughout. This small group of players were achieving the impossible with no tonal hangovers or "vulgar brass sounds". Happily this and the previous work were met with thunderous applause from a very appreciative audience. In the Mahler Fourth Symphony we heard some brilliant playing by Palm Beach Symphony artists of the first rank. In the first movement, just as one thinks it is ending, it picks up with a full vibrant orchestral sound that our 11 players conveyed very well. In the second movement the playing was exquisite. In the fourth movement the small orchestra accompanied well and deserved its resounding approval at the end. "

Palm Beach Arts Paper - Feb 2013 ×
La Sonnambula | FGO, Miami
La Sonnambula | FGO, Miami

"Holding it all together from the orchestra pit was FGO music director Ramon Tebar. Winds gave a spirited account of Bellini's sprightly melodies—some of them jarringly inappropriate for the dark emotions on stage, but that's bel canto opera. The mournful horn melody as Amina gazes at her suffering former fiancée was affectingly and seamlessly performed. Strings excelled in the frantic little figures that decorate the accompaniment. One of the opera's greatest sections is the long ensemble passage after Amina is discovered in the room of a visiting count, where everyone is singing at once, expressing jealousy, disbelief and all sorts of conflicting emotions. Under Tebar's baton, this was a wonderfully balanced and resonant performance, with the solo voices of Gilmore, Angelini and the others easily penetrating the surrounding sound, while remaining part of the ensemble."

South Classical Review. David Fleshler

"...conductor and FGO Musical Director Ramon Tebar enthusiastically leads the musicians in laying down a spirited and passionate foundation for the singers to build upon."

Florida Theater On Stage. Bill Hirschman

"The singers are greatly indebted to the magnificent musical direction of Ramon Tebar. His elegance and sensitivity defined the evening's character."

ConcertoNet. com Jeff Haller

"La orquesta bajo Ramón Tebar sentó las bases del éxito de la velada. Pese a que la orquesta no es la protagonista de la ópera (son las voces); el maestro valenciano no se limitó al mero acompañamiento sino que supo recrear la atmósfera ochocentista con exquisitez ejemplar, incluso aprovechó para subrayar las referencias románticas y figuras musicales de la partitura con el ballet de entonces. Así Delibes, Chopin y hasta Tchaicovsky (nacido cinco años después de la muerte de Bellini) parecieron hacerse presentes para rondar las sutilezas del "Mozart de Catania". En síntesis, para FGO marca una exitosa velada donde estilo y musicalidad confluyen tanto en escena como en el foso orquestal."

Miami Clasica - Sebastian Spreng

"La Sonnambula", una clase magistral

"Arias, cabaletas, dúos, concertantes y hasta los coros son un derroche melódico que apoyado en la orquesta de la FGO bajo las sabias manos del maestro Ramón Tébar, dio a los melómanos de Miami una noche inolvidable. Pero lo más importante en esta puesta es la música y ahí sí que no hay reproches. Si va a verla y le aburre un poco el montaje, preste atención a las manos de Tébar dirigiendo orquesta y coro, ahí también hay una clase magistral para no perdérsela."

EL Nuevo Herald - Daniel Fernandez ×
Gheorghiu & Alagna | Teatro Colón, Bs As
Gheorghiu & Alagna | Teatro Colón, Bs As

(Alagna and Gheorghiu) "... it was helped by the pleasant surprise of a young conductor, Ramon Tebar (debut), who chose other valuable orchestral pieces…. Very positive: the work of conductor Tebar, intense and precise, with full knowledge of the style and the Colon Orchestra collaborative and seemingly happy…"

Buenos Aires Herald – Pablo Bardin – May 2012

"The orchestra was led by the young Spanish conductor Ramón Tebar, recently appointed musical director of the Florida Grand Opera. He is evidently knowledgeable of this music, conducting the orchestral interludes without scores, and drew good sound and precision from the Colón orchestra."

Seen And Heard - Jonathan Spencer Jones – April 2012 ×
Florencia en el Amazonas | Opera Colorado
Florencia en el Amazonas | Opera Colorado

"In the pit, Ramon Tebar carefully highlighted the exotic impressionism of the score and made the evening shimmer."

Stage Happenings – Michael van Duzer – April 2012

"Here the audience is swept away by a blissfully romantic score and a story that is romantic with touches of magic realism. The cinematic reality of the river and the storm on this journey in search of lost love provides a suitable feast for the eye to enhance the auditory feast provided by this talented cast and the Opera Colorado Orchestra. Led by maestro Ramon Tebar, the effect was one of a balanced and ordered unification of the vocals onstage and the orchestra in the pit."

Marlowe Musings – April 2012

"In Florencia en el Amazonas…Just as rare would be to give a conductor his proper due for the success of an evening that is clearly a team effort. But Ramon Tebar with a down-sized crew of players, leads in a way that is rarely so clear, taming a score that could otherwise eat this work alive. He understands this music, knows when to let it swell and when to make it serve the singers."

The Denver Post – Ray Mark Rinaldi – March 2012 ×
La Rondine | FGO, Miami
La Rondine | FGO, Miami

"Under the baton of its new music director, the young Spaniard Ramon Tebar, the FGO orchestra sparkled, revealing the beauty of a score that avoids spectacular effects but follows its protagonists' simple words and gestures with wonderful elegance… This Rondine had its flaws, but it had the very real advantages of Tebar's conducting and the relative novelty of the piece itself, surely a welcome addition to the FGO repertoire."

Opera News – Jean Francois Lejeune – April 2012

"Any devoted opera goer should not miss this rare opportunity to see Puccini's unusual little piece. The chance probably will not come again very soon and this production might have made even the maestro think more highly of his troubled opera. Music Director Ramon Tebar conducted the performance with exceptional passion making noticeable even the most minor details."

ConcertoNet - Jeff Haller – January 2012

"Tebar, who has guest conducted frequently at FGO, gets a lush clear flow from the orchestra and elicits commendably unmannered performances from his cast."

Florida Theater Onstage – Bill Hirschman – January 2012

"...most impressive of all was the playing of the orchestra under Ramon Tebar, making his debut as FGO music director. While excellent performances by the FGO orchestra have become routine, this performance under the young Spanish conductor stood out for the delicacy and transparency of the textures he drew from the ensemble. La Rondine has many great passages of classic Puccini writing, and in these moments the orchestra under Tebar shone. La Rondine is Tebar's only opera this season, but next season he is expected to lead at least two. It appears that for the first time in many years, FGO's musical direction is in good hands."

South Florida Classical Review – David Fleshler - January 2012 ×
Palm Beach Symphony | Palm Beach, USA
Palm Beach Symphony | Palm Beach, USA

"Ramon Tebar's leadership was firm and true. The slow movement, in particular, moved inexorably yet gently — it was impossible to resist, yet there was no sense of being forced. And the magnificent edifice of the finale was expertly balanced. For all its complexity, everything was perfectly in its place, and deeply satisfying."

Palm Beach Daily News – Ken Keaton – June 2012

"A powerhouse reading of this durable concerto, ably accompanied by conductor Ramon Tebar and the orchestra. If it was a big night for Astanova, it was equally big for Tebar, who took on one of the greatest pieces in the repertoire with the Eroica Symphony. This is a true test of conducting skill, and Tebar did beautifully. Tebar, who at 32 is at the beginning of his career, has shown himself to be a conductor of high energy and interpretive freshness. He brought those characteristics to the Eroica, and the orchestra was with him in full, offering a most respectable performance of this landmark work…Each of the fast movements had muscle and swiftness, and Tebar took full advantage of the music's drama, particularly in the numerous styles that flash by in the fourth movement… the orchestra played surpassingly well, making it clear that this is an ensemble, and a conductor, that can handle music as important as this and make a strong showing of it."

Palm Beach Daily News – Greg Stepanich – March 2011 ×
Turandot | FGO, Miami
Turandot | FGO, Miami

"Florida Grand Opera opened its new season Saturday with one of its finest performances in recent years, an energetic, eloquently sung and lavishly staged production of Puccini's Turandot. Much of the credit for the performance's success lay in the pit, where the conductor Ramon Tebar drove the music and action forward all evening, providing a lot of the opera's propulsive force. Rarely in recent years has the FGO orchestra provided such an energetic, technically polished performance. The orchestra brought out Puccini's delicate colors and clanking pseudo-Chinese textures. The brass played tremendously the entire night, with weighted, shining tone that never become crude or overpowering at moments such as the riddle scene and the opera's brassy ending."

South Florida Classical Review – David Fleshler – November 2010

"In Turandot…Conductor Ramon Tebar led with drive and fire, and he had a first-rate orchestra to help him, a fine band that beautifully handled the wide variety and breadth of this fascinating score."

Palm Beach ArtsPaper – Greg Stepanich – November 2010

"Top 10 Performances of 2010 - Florida Grand Opera's Turandot - Among the company's best performances in years, this sizzling November production was driven forward by superb work in the orchestra under conductor Ramon Tebar."

South Florida Classical Review – David Fleshler – December 2010

"This Turandot displays the magnificence of marvellous voices, amazing chorus and above all, Ramon Tebar's masterly baton, who lead FGO's orchestra to unforeseen brilliance. Deservedly, what I want to emphasize first, is the wisdom and sensitiveness of Tebar's work that has divested this beautiful opera from all "Toscaninism", giving to Turandot its legitimacy as a XX century masterwork. [...] Tebar non only stressed Puccini's modernity, but he also kept in his pulse the beat of the whole production. Singers, chorus, actors, dancers, supers, everyone was wrapped in the music achieving a very lively and consistent vision. I have never seen in FGO an orchestra  conductor receiving so much applause."

El Nuevo Herald – Daniel Fernandez – November 2010 ×
I Puritani | Cagliari, Italy
I Puritani | Cagliari, Italy

"In the podium was Ramon Tebar [...] and the orchestra, with an extraordinary instrumental group, knowing how to sing with the needed expressivity, colors, dynamics during all three hours of the whole performance. The big merit is, to the contributions of Mariella Devia and John Osborn, as well as to the young conductor that intuitively conducted the opera in an overwhelming and volatile ballad, which changes in color between idyll, marchs, warlike impetus, dances and nocturnes."

Roma - Massimo Lo Iacono - June 2010

"The biggest surprise of I Puritani in Cagliari came from the podium of the conductor: thirty-year-old and in a fast ascendant career, Ramon Tebar is one conductor that finally seems to have understood for the first time that the bellinian score has one of the most beautiful instrumentations of the Italianan Romanticism [...] Tebar knows how to pull out the symphonic exuberance and the big palette of subtleties that we have always wished to hear. [...] Welcome, I repeat, the approach of Tebar overall in his conducting finesse."

Gli Amici della Musica - Francesco Lora – July 2010 ×
Lucia de Lammermoor | FGO, Miami
Lucia de Lammermoor | FGO, Miami

"…(He) demonstrated an exciting podium style and a genuine commitment to the music that made the program satisfying….Tebar's reading was athletic and fast, and you could see his joy in music-making as he cued in various sections and themes with amusing gestures and aggressive motions with body and baton… a most persuasive case for this fine symphony, the kind of case in which the listener thinks of the Bizet as a good substitute for the usual lighter symphonies he or she might encounter…and at least reminds local audiences that in Tebar they have a good young conductor to be reckoned with."

Palm Beach ArtsPaper – Greg Stepanich – December 2009

"Under the baton of the young Spanish conductor Ramon Tebar, the orchestra gave a spirited, technically polished performance of Donizetti's music. Although the opera contains several difficult exposed passages for horns —an area that has been the weak spot for FGO orchestras in the past—the playing here was virtually flawless."

South Florida Classical Review – David Fleshler – January 2010

"The orchestra led by Spaniard Ramon Tebar is nearly flawless, injecting the power and pathos that Donizetti envisioned, notably the glittering harp solos in the first act and the flute echoing Lucia's call-and-response passages in the third act."

South Florida Sun Sentinel – Bill Hirschmann – January 2010

"As he has several other times this season, whether in front of the symphony or the pit orchestra at Florida Grand Opera, Tebar led performances that were distinguished by their vigor, sharp dynamic contrasts and rich emotional colors. The orchestra sounded excellent throughout, and Tebar added interesting touches such as a slight delay as he reached the next step of an upward chromatic scale, and underlined his feeling for dynamics by crouching way down as he brought the combined forces through a quiet passage. A first-rate performance, all told, and one that made a terrific argument for the power of Haydn as a writer of sacred music."

Palm Beach Daily News – Greg Stepanich – April 2010 ×
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